Digital Presence
Our extensive database allows us to talk to thousands of travelers on regular
basis through e shots, special offers and various other means of digital media.
We have dedicated personnel just for this function. We have regular
advertising on our website, Facebook page and Instagram. Here at Emarolex
limited travel and tours, we have embraced technology to provide the best
services in the market and our clients can access our services at the comfort of
their homes. These has been a relief in the fight against Covid19.

Client Feedback
Our Customer feedback forms have proven to be a key source of sustaining
our clients and growing our strengths in terms of service within this very
competitive environment . Being in the service industry it is natural to have
disappointments on certain services rendered by Agents, we make it of prime
importance to get client feedback and immediately work on resolving the
matter and try to better ourselves for the future. We encourage our clients to
give us candid feedback.

Professional team
Emarolex works with the best talents in the industry. Our professional human
resource exceeds customer expectations. This Team has proven to be the
greatest strength in the group. The synergy developed between our
professionals leads to better economies of scale

Quality services
Our consultants deliver services that meet client satisfaction. This has resulted
in building a clientele that keeps coming back to do business with us.
Transparency is key from top management which is also extended to our


Strengths and what they mean for you
You, our Customer are our First Priority.
Clear understanding of your needs.
Efficient, Expert and Reliable Service.
Best Value, Convenient, Optimal connections.
Expedited and Comfortable service delivery.
aboard our style of travel management…